Coming Soon – Odyssey 25 (March 2013)

“The Time Traveller vanished three years ago. And, as everybody knows, he has never returned.” John Silvester ponders the Time Traveller’s fate in the cover article for Odyssey 25.

The next edition of the Society’s e-magazine features:

Retro Book Review: John Silvester on “The Time Machine.” Just what did happen to the Time Traveller at the end of this classic adventure?

Patrick’s Sky – Part Two: Members of the BIS continue to remember the voice of astronomy.

Gerry Anderson – Anything Can Happen in the Next Few Paragraphs: Mat Irvine recalls the man who inspired many a young rocket scientist and would-be astronaut.

Radical Vectors – Richard Hayes tackles Mind Twisters, Quantum Spooks and Grand Designs.

Echoes of the Future: more incredible images from Adrian Mann.

Postcards from Planet Earth: The Odyssey Letters Column remembers Charles Chilton.

Odyssey Gallery: a pictorial retrospective featuring key images from earlier editions of Odyssey,  including a high-definition image of “Startide Rising” by Jim Burns which featured in the masthead for Odyssey 23 (January 2013).

The Feedback Loop takes us all the way to the McDonald Observatory and Department of Astronomy (The University of Texas at Austin).

Plus details on all upcoming BIS events.

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Richard Hayes takes us down a cosmic rabbit hole as he explores the nature of spacetime in next month’s Odyssey. Image courtesy of Adrian Mann.

Patrick Moore with Bill Wyman celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Sky at Night in 2007. Image courtesy of Mat Irvine.











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