Project KickSat development kit

Sprite On Programmer

Sprite, launchpad and programmer shield - part of the developer kit.

Status update

Great news – we now have our KickSat development kit, which means the BIS involvement with this exciting project moves into the next phase, as the development kit enables us to program our own code on a BIS Sprite.

As a reminder, a Sprite is a new type of spacecraft that is simply an unshielded circuit board that relies on numbers of units to achieve results more simply and more cheaply than traditional devices. Of course, the technology also creates exciting new possibilities that the BIS and others are already considering.

In addition to the developer kit a number of members also have souvenir Sprites that can be programmed for fun. Hopefully, we should be able to circulate one of these to regional events, and one will be at UKSEDS event in Bristol this weekend. Click to read more about Sprites.

KickSat and the British Interplanetary Society

As a new concept that is being realised for the first time, KickSat truly embodies the BIS strapline “From imagination to reality”. Therefore, we are planning a series of events to involve BIS members, which ultimately result in the BIS having a number of ground stations listening for our Sprites when they are in orbit – estimated to be in autumn 2013! Keep checking the website for updates.

Members can add comments and ask questions about KickSat on this page by logging in to the website (use the contact form if you cannot login, and include your membership number).


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