KickSat – End-to-end testing

SpriteDate: 4 May 2013
Start Time: 11:00 am
End Time: 5 pm

Venue: 27/29 South Lambeth Road,
London, SW8 1SZ


An invitation to participate in project KickSat,
or simply come along to find out more.

Aims for the day

  • End-to-end test – KickSat Sprite transmission to reception and decoded signal
  • Connecting an antenna to the souvenir Sprite and getting the radio working
  • Programming Sprites, including obtaining readings from the temperature sensor

Discussions on the day are likely to include:

  • Programming options; less/more, safe/ambitious, pro’s/cons of each, etc.
  • Ground stations; receiving, decoding, aggregating
  • Virtualizing Sprites or creating mock-ups for testing


The following equipment will be available on the day:

  • KickSat Sprite developer kit
  • Souvenir sprite, antenna, solar cells, soldering equipment and a launchpad
  • FUNcube dongles (at least one Pro and at least one Pro+)
  • Laptop, projector and Wi-Fi

Bringing a laptop will be helpful for anyone wanting to participate. Also, bringing equipment to receive the test signals on a computer will be greatly appreciated.

Information about KickSat can be found at:

Register attendance using the form below to help planning. Use the message box to detail any equipment you can bring and add any other relevant information. Members can log in and use the comments area below to ask questions.


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