JBIS Vol 66 No 10-11

Dear Readers,

JBIS-Oct-Nov-2013-CoverThe purpose of the British Interplanetary Society is to advocate and promote advancements in astronautics. The Journal of the British Interplanetary Society plays an important role in that cause, by facilitating an opportunity for people to publish their ideas and thinking about current developments in space exploration or visionary thinking of the future. JBIS is the oldest astronautical journal in the world and we perform that function with huge pride, publishing papers from professional scientists to space enthusiasts. Anyone can publish a paper in our journal, provided their science is rigorous, and their presentation to a high standard of writing.

Occasionally, we work with a group of people who are thinking about a specific area of research, to publish a collection of papers, and we are working on several of those currently. The current issue is the latest example of how JBIS is fit for purpose and helping to bring ideas from imagination to reality. This issue is a collection of papers from the second Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop (TVIW), held in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, February 2013, and I am very happy to have had Les Johnson (himself a regular author for JBIS) working as subject Editor for this issue.

The TVIW is a scientific and educational association that promotes interstellar exploration, travel and communications. It was conceived by Les Johnson, Greg Matloff and Robert Kennedy in July 2011, whilst attending the International Academy of Astronautics 7th Biennial symposium on Realistic Near-Term Scientific Space Missions in the city of Aosta, Italy. TVIW is an opportunity for relaxed sharing of ideas in directions that will stimulate and encourage interstellar exploration including propulsion, communications, and research. The meeting includes formal lectures and a workshop. Attendees are encouraged to not only present intellectual concepts but to develop those concepts to suggest projects, collaboration, active research and mission planning.

I had the pleasure of attending the second TVIW meeting and presenting to the attendees. It was exceptionally well organised and with a terrific attendance, and contained lectures on such a diversity of subjects. The discussion sessions were also extremely thrilling and I’m looking forward to attending another meeting in the future. In the meantime I would like to congratulate all of the TVIW team on their initiative, especially; Les Johnson, Robert Kennedy, Greg Matloff, Ken Roy, David Fields, Eric Hughes, Martha Knowles, Stephanie Osborn, for their work in producing such an outstanding meeting.

This issue is a selected set of papers from the TVIW 2013 meeting and illustrates the wide assortment of subjects covered. Please enjoy this issue of your journal.

Kelvin F. Long, Editor JBIS

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