JBIS Vol 70 No 05-06 – May-June 2017

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Interstellar Studies

Interstellar Communications using Microbial Data Storage: Implications for SETI
Robert Zubrin

Sailships vs. Fusion Rockets: A Contrarian View
James Benford

HERITAGE: A Monte Carlo Code to Evaluate the Viability of Interstellar Travels using a Multi-Generational Crew
Frédéric Marin

Nanobots and Fairyflies
Robert Alan Mole

On the Feasibility of Human Interstellar Flights from Economic, Energetic and Other Perspectives
Jiří Mazurek

On-Board Power for Interstellar Generation Ships: Application of Cassenti’s Toroidal Ion Scoop
Gregory L. Matloff

A Rationale for Alien Megastructures
Gregory L. Matloff

Performance Predictions for Interstellar Missions using the Special Theory of Relativi-ty
Brice Cassenti and Laura Cassenti

Do No Harm? Cultural Imperialism and the Ethics of Active SETI
John W. Traphagan

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