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An Introduction to Rocket Science

An Introduction to Rocket Science


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Date: 06 May 2017
Start Time: 8.30am - 6pm

Venue: Faraday Theatre of the Royal Institution, Albemarle St, London W1S 4BS

An Introduction to Rocket Science is a fun one-day event held at the Royal Institution. It consists of 12 introductory lectures to aspects of rocket science from launchers to satellites, astronauts to robotic missions. At the end of the day, you will receive a certificate of attendance and a greater understanding of all things space.

Standard ticket - £79

Concessions - £49 (Under 18, students, BIS members)
Under 18s, students in full-time education with a valid ID, Members and Fellows of the British Interplanetary Society

The event is a fundraiser for the British Interplanetary Society. The primary purpose of revenue from this event is to raise funds for the mission of the BIS – initiating, promoting and disseminating new concepts and technical information about space flight and astronautics.

If the person paying is not the attendee then please put the attendee name in the notes field on the checkout page.  If you are paying for more than one person, please add the names of the additional attendee(s) is the notes field on the checkout page.

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Event Reservation for Non-Members

Event Reservation for Non-Members


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Non-members can pay for a place at each event list here.

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Russian/Sino (prev Soviet/Chinese) Technical Forum 2017

Russian/Sino (prev Soviet/Chinese) Technical Forum 2017


The BIS Online Shop » Events & Symposia » Russian/Sino (prev Soviet/Chinese) Technical Forum 2017

Date: 3-4 June 2017

This year’s Forum will be devoted to the memory of Oleg Sokolov (1945-2016)

During the weekend of 3rd and 4th June 2017 the BIS will be holding its annual Russian/Sino Technical Forum at the Society's Headquarters in London. This Forum has been running for a glorious 37 years, under the title Soviet/Chinese; this year, we are modernising the title to reflect the content more accurately.

The Russian/Sino Technical Forum is one of the most popular and longest running events in the Society’s history and has hosted some star guests over the years. We are proud to say that we have sufficient material for a two day programme this year and we will continue the tradition of featuring a wide ranging agenda. Details of the programme are being finalised but will feature presentations, films and debates on the history, current activities and future plans of both the Russian and Chinese space programmes. We encourage members to support the event, visit the heart of the BIS and take the opportunity to meet old friends and establish new contacts.

All speakers and delegates are welcome to join us for an informal dinner on Saturday evening at the Riverside pub. This dinner will be self-funded so you need only let us know whether you definitely want to join us, so that we can give an accurate head count for the booking. (Please add a comment in the notes field in the shopping basket). The pub will take orders on the night and bill them separately.

Preliminary List of Speakers

The Rex Hall Memorial Lecture

Behind the Curtain – A view from Inside the Soviet Union – David Baker

The Oleg Sokolov Memorial Paper

(To Be Confirmed)

The Papers

The Shiyan Weixing Programme, 2004-2017 – Phil Clark

China’s Shiyan Weixing Satellite Programme, 2004-2017 – Phil Clark

Flights Of The Blok D Family Upper Stages, 1999-20174 – Phil Clark

The Spektr R Radio Observatory – Brian Harvey

Replacing Soyuz : The “Federatsia” spacecraft – Bart Hendrickx

Vostok 3 and 4. The Flight of the Heavenly Twins – Andrew Knight

Cosmonauts versus Astronauts – Ken MacTaggart

The Kremlin and the Press during the Space Race – Dominic Phelan

The Mission of Tim Peake – Eric Seedhouse (To Be Confirmed)

Soyuz 6 – Welding a foothold in space construction techniques – Dave Shayler

The India Human Spaceflight Program – Gurbir Singh

Monumental Statues to the Local, Living Cosmonaut in Russia and China: A case study of Kaliningrad (Russia) and Húludǎo (China) – Andrew Thomas

EVA in China – Bert Vis

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