How to become a BIS Fellow

With regard to the status (or advantages) of being a Fellow with the Society – the legal situation is that Fellows are actually counted as the “owners” of the Society, with rights on voting for Council and constitutional issues. From the Society’s point of view, the Fellows represent the body of expertise that makes us a “learned society”. We would, for example, like to draw on our body of Fellows as referees for papers to be published in JBIS.

It is a peculiarity of the Society that we have always seen a value in our ordinary Membership who are supposed to be people with a general interest in space but do not feel qualified or able to take an active role in what the Society does. Because of this, we have tended not to give any particular advantages for Fellows (or disadvantages to Members) in terms of what they can receive or the meetings they can attend (apart from the AGM) which sometimes makes it difficult to  encourage people to upgrade to Fellowship.

The status is more one of increased responsibility (though taking on things for the Society is not obligatory) than getting more rewards

The requirements for transfer:

  1. Continuous Membership of the Society for three years or more.
  2. A professional qualification to University Degree standard in an area relevant to astronautics or
  3. Three years professional experience in an area relevant to astronautics or
  4. Provide a contribution to the work of the Society or astronautics in addition to promoting the BIS and what it stands for which is viewed by the Council as important and providing adequate grounds for election to that grade.

If you meet these and would like to apply for Transfer, all you need do is to download and complete the Fellowship Transfer Form and return it to the Executive Secretrary with the remittance for the Fellowship grade applicable from 1 January 2013.


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