A science fiction anthology in the spirit of the British Interplanetary Society.

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Foreword by Richard Hayes

Epitaph by Nick Lewis
The Big Catch by Kelvin F. Long
Heat Wave by Terence J. Henley
The World Movers by Kelvin F. Long
A Cultural Exchange by Dorothy Piper
A Parody of Terrors by Robert Swinney
First Neanderthal on the Moon by Roderick MacDonald
The Dance of Angels by Kelvin F. Long
A Cross of Stars by Griffith Ingram
The Greatest Alluvian Poet That Ever Lived by Rachel Armstrong
Robin by David Smith
All the Doors not Taken by Griffith Ingram
Exiled by Terence J. Henley
Stray Planet by Roderick MacDonald

Space by Terence J. Henley
Time by Roderick MacDonald
Galaxies by Terence J. Henley
Three Little MERs by Dorothy Piper
Take me to the Moon by Kelvin F. Long
The Journey by Terence J. Henley
Little Man by Dorothy Piper

Halfway There! by Stephen Ashworth
The Distant Universe by Richard K. Obousy

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Val Cleaver - A Very English Rocketeer

Arthur C Clarke once described Val Cleaver as the man who should have been the British Von Braun. The comparison is justified since Val, like Von Braun, bridged the gap between the practical engineer and the vision of spaceflight and was indeed one of the first to do so. Much of this vision was manifested through the British Interplanetary Society which he always supported, especially during its regeneration after World War II. He became Chairman of the BIS Council in 1948. He also inspired a generation of people, including Alan Bond who has written the Foreword for this book.

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SPACE: Celebrating 50 Years of Human Space Flight

by David Baker (former NASA scientist and the new Editor of BIS Spaceflight magazine)

A ‘megabook’ with 134 full-colour pages packed with details on early American rocket planes, Sputnik 1 and the US & Soviet Space Race (with a twist!), the Apollo Moon landings, Skylab, Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, the Space Shuttle, Hubble, Mir, and the ISS, with a review of future missions.

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Britain and Human Space Flight

by Richard Farrimond

A product of exhaustive scholastic research, Richard Farrimond explores the somewhat chequered story of the UK’s involvement with human space flight. From the prophetic 17th century writings of Dr John Wilkins, a co-founder of the Royal Society, to the assignment of Tim Peake to represent ESA aboard the International Space Station in 2015, this book is a tour-de-force of efforts to get Britons into space.

Selected and trained as a Payload Specialist for NASA’s Shuttle, Richard Farrimond brings a unique perspective to the story of how UK scientists, engineers and advocates struggled amid indifference and complacency to trounce bureaucracy and gain British participation in this most exciting expression of human achievement.

From a dissertation he wrote for a Master of Arts degree at Kings College, London, Richard Farrimond, a former colonel in the British Army and senior professional in the UK space industry has written a unique and incisive analysis in a 96 page document that tells for the first time the ups and downs of the UK’s human space flight initiative. With a foreword by Helen Sharman.

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Arthur C. Clarke: A Life Remembered

by Fred Clarke

Three years in the writing, this book tells the story of Arthur’s early years on the family farm in Somerset, told through a series of moving vignettes recounted by his brother Fred. These stories lead onto reflections and reminiscences from many of the people Arthur encountered during his own personal odyssey.

With contributions from a host of Arthur’s contemporaries and fellow “space cadets”, and featuring photographs supplied by the Clarke family (many of which have never been seen before), the book offers a fresh perspective on a celebrated life. It is also a vivid testament to the enduring influence which Arthur continues to exert over the worlds of fiction, science and space exploration.

Guest contributors include: David Baker, Stephen Baxter, Gregory Benford, Ben Bova, Keir Dullea, David A. Hardy, Paul McAuley, Michael Moorcock, Sir Patrick Moore,  Frederick I. Ordway III, Robert J. Sawyer, Helen Sharman, and William F. Temple.

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Interplanetary - A History of the British Interplanetary Society

This volume provides a single history of the Society, drawn from a number of sources, each written from the perspective of the various authors and their involvement with the Society. Other histories could have been written from different perspectives, perhaps by commentators who have no intimate links with the Society at all. What marks out the accounts contained in this book is the proximity of their authors to the events in question. In this respect the book bears unique witness to the Society, its evolution and its achievements over 75 years.

The first 500 copies will also come with a CD containing “An Audio History of The British Interplanetary Society”

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Project Daedalus: Demonstrating the Engineering Feasibility of Interstellar Travel

Demonstrating the Engineering Feasibility of Interstellar Travel

Forward by BIS President Bob Parkinson

A re-publication of the BIS Project Daedalus papers, first published in 1978. Includes one of the first technical papers on interstellar travel by Les Shepherd published in 1952 as well as a 1986 post-Project Daedalus review paper by Alan Bond and Tony Martin.

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Project Boreas - A Station for the Martian Geographic North Pole

Continuing in the long line of visionary BIS projects, Project Boreas summarises the three year deliberations of a group of BIS members and non-members on the design of a station for the Martian Geographic North Pole. The volume describes the base design, science and exploration objectives, communications, history of Mars polar studies, human factors studies, life support and many other factors neccesary for the explorers to spend nearly two Martian years at the Martian pole. The volume should be a valuable and unique document for anyone with an interest in Mars/planetary exploration and the challenges of building and operating extraterrestrial bases.

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My Life on Mars: The Beagle 2 diaries

by Colin Pillinger

Foreword by Sir Patrick Moore

Professor Colin Pillinger FRS winner of the 2011 Michael Faraday Prize and Lecture for his excellent work in science communication. This is Colin Pillinger’s story and the full, previously undisclosed, account of the Beagle 2 mission.

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The Search for Life on Mars

This book is based on the proceedings of the first UK conference on “Life on Mars – an Historical Perspective”. Mars may have supported life at some point in its history and with this in mind, this BIS book is a comprehensive review by leading scientific and technological experts on the current advances in the search for life on Mars. There are chapters on present and future developments.

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History of Mir and Final Year - 2 Book Set

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History of Mir

Human space flight will be influenced for generations to come by lessons learnt on Mir and this new BIS book chronicles its development as the first truly international space station. The story of Mir is remarkable - one of the great successes of modern space exploration. Continuously occupied in Earth orbit for 15 years, Mir's cosmonaut and astronaut visitors set many new space records. The book's contributors are all experts on aspects of the Soviet-Russian and American space programmes and "The History of Mir" is set to become a key reference work in its own right.

Mir- The Final Year

The Mir Space Station came down to Earth on 23 March 2001. This supplement completes the story told in the BIS publication 'The History of Mir 1986 - 2000'. Mir - The Final Year, covers details of the Final Re-entry Operations. It has updates on EVAs, experiments as well as details of the crews who did not fly to Mir due to the curtailment of operations and many new crew photos have been added in a photo file.

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ISS Volumes 1 & 2 - From Imagination to Reality

This comes as a package of two books.

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The International Space Station - From Imagination to Reality (Volume 1)

This full colour publication includes the development of the International Space Station during its formative years. It covers the first concepts up to the initial stages of construction to the end of 2001. There are many drawings and pictures shown for the first time. This is a detailed record of the first stage of construction of a Space Station which will be a permanent base for manned operation for many years.

The International Space Station - From Imagination to Reality (Volume 2)

This book is the second in the series charting the progress of the International Space Station and covers the operations of the station from 2002 to early 2005. During this period its construction has been delayed due to the tragic loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia on a mission not directly related to station operations but which was conducting a number of science experiments that is also a prime purpose of the station. This accident brings home again that space travel is never routine and is always operating on the edge. The loss of a shuttle means major changes in both day to day station operations and the methods of supplying the resident crews with the basics of sustaining station occupation.

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