JBIS Vol 64 No 05 (May 2011)


Fuel Encapsulation For Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Nuclear Fusion Reactors Christopher MacLeod, Niccolo F. Capanni and Kenneth S. Gow

Performance Of A Kilowatt-Class Stirling Power Conversion System In A Thermodynamically Coupled Configuration
Steven M. Geng, Maxwell H. Briggs and David S. Hervol

Dysonian Approach To SETI: A Fruitful Middle Ground?
Robert J. Bradbury, Milan M. Cirkoivc and Geroge Dvorsky

Interstellar Institute For Aerospace Research: A Concept Proposal
K.F. Long

Neutrino Speed And Mass Theory And Its Deep Impacts on Cosmology
Henryk Frystacki

Refereed Correspondence

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