Charterhouse 2014 – Gerry Webb

Journey into Space

Science fiction and children’s literature have the characteristic of reflecting the true aspirations of their contemporary culture more accurately than other more ‘respectable’ art forms. In the 1950s they combined to inspire Gerry’s generation to become space scientists or astronautical engineers. Around the turn of the century, he expected to be skiing on Mars as shown in Dan Dare – ‘Red Moon Mystery’, Eagle October 1951.

In the presentation, the period between the end of WWII and the early 60’s, with the high of the first manned spaceflight and the terminal low of the Cuban missile crisis, will be set in the context of the SF of that era and those that preceded and followed.

Gerry-Webb---CharterhouseGerry has had a lifelong interest in space, being an active member of the British Interplanetary Society since 1957 and working professionally in the field since 1960. He founded Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. in 1983 and is still its general director. CST has managed the launch of 33 satellites in former Soviet Union countries, the last being the British government satellite TDS-1 on July 8th.

Gerry has contributed to interstellar studies over the years and was a member of the Project Daedalus team. An active attendee of science fiction conventions since 1962, he chaired a panel (with Arthur Clarke and Poul Anderson) on the Fermi Paradox at the last UK World Science Fiction Convention in 1979. He is managing the BIS one day session at the next UK WorldCom (LONCON3) in August 14th.

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