Project 2033

One of the most famous members of the British Interplanetary Society was Sir Arthur C.Clarke. In particular, he was renowned for his uncanny ability to foresee the development of space technology and other machines that we now take for granted in our computer dominated information age. His 1962 book, “Profiles of the Future” provided an entertaining look at the future trends in technology, getting some predictions wrong, but others correct to an amazing degree of accuracy. Today, in the year 2013, we live in exciting times with many dramatic changes occurring in the space industry. We are witnessing the rise of space tourism, the emergence of a commercial space industry, and for some nations a decline in government spending. Unusually for the United Kingdom, we now even have our own Space Agency. This is all with the back-drop of a technology revolution seeing the invention of machines only before predicted in the works of science fiction; from 3D printing, to the advent of artificial intelligence, to hand held communications and even exotic new possibilities like quantum entanglement. How will all these developments affect the future of space? When will we be on the Moon and Mars? Will we discover life on the Moons of the Gas Giants? Will Single Stage To Orbit Transport become as common place as passenger airliners in our lifetime? Will we build starships to find life around other stars?

2033 montage

2033 montage

The British Interplanetary Society will be 100 years old in the year 2033. The BIS Technical Committee will shortly be announcing an exciting project to find the next visionary who can help us see the future of technological progress in Space. This will be in co-operation with Spaceflight magazine and the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society. Are you the next Arthur C.Clarke. Keep an eye out for the announcement of Project 2033, and be ready to share your visions of the future.

Details of the project can be found by contacting us here.

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