Solar Monitoring Workshop


Date: 18 May 2011

A solar flare/coronal mass ejection.

Start Time: 10 am
End Time: 4:50 pm

Venue: International Space Innovation Centre, Harwell

As modern society becomes more reliant on satellites and their systems to deliver everyday technologies such as direct broadcast TV and GPS, it is increasingly important that we understand how variations in space weather can disrupt the delivery of these services. Key to that understanding is the effect of our own Sun and the solar monitoring necessary to observe and predict these disruptive events. Such knowledge will become ever more important as we pass from a period of solar minimum to solar maximum, the part of the solar cycle where more powerful turbulent effects are predicted.

This one day seminar will aim to highlight the increasing risks that solar storms present to both space based and ground based infrastructure. Experts in the field will describe the risks that we face, illustrate what monitoring systems are already in place and discuss the concepts available for increased future resilience against major solar events.


10.00  Chairman’s Introduction – Dr Bob Parkinson, British Interplanetary Society
10:05  Welcome to ISIC – Prof Keith Mason, STFC

10:15  Solar Storm Phenomena – Prof Mike Hapgood, RAL Space
10:45  Solar Stormwatch – Dr Chris Davis, RAL Space

11:15  Coffee

11:30  The solar threat to space-based infrastructure – Keith Ryden, QinetiQ
12:00  The solar threat to ground-based infrastructure – Prof Richard Crowther, UKSA

12:30  Lunch – Sponsored by Lloyd’s of London

13:30  Operational solar monitoring and warning requirements – David Wade, Atrium-UW
14:00  Future Solar Monitoring Instruments – Prof Richard Harrison, RAL Space

14:30  Tea

14.45  Industry Involvement in Solar Monitoring – Matthew Stuttard, Astrium
15:15  Future Low-Cost Solar Monitoring Mission Concepts – Doug Liddle, SSTL
15:50  ESA SSA Space Weather Segment – Juha-Pekka Luntama, ESA
16.20  International Solar Monitoring Mission Opportunities – Prof Tom Bogdan, NASA

16.50  Close


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