BIS Odyssey Newsletter: Issue 8

Odyssey newsletter 8

The BIS Odyssey Newsletter: Issue 8 is now available to all BIS members. If you have not already received your copy, please contact BIS Honorary Archival Librarian, Mark Stewart, using the form below.

The October issue includes full details on upcoming BIS events, such as the presentation by Dr Chris Lintott – the co-presenter of The Sky at Night – on attitudes to human spaceflight (the 16 November). Other highlights include:

  • Part two of our interview with Richard Morgan – author of novels such as Altered Carbon
  • The conclusion to the essay by award winning author Stephen Baxter, on the Enduring Influence of H.G. Wells. As well as being a Fellow of the BIS, Stephen is Vice-President of the H.G. Wells Society, and the author of The Time Ships, the only authorised sequel to The Time Machine.
  • A retrospective review of Arthur C. Clarke’s The Sands of Mars


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