Member logins created

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Every member with an e-mail address in the BIS database now has an account on the BIS website. If you have not received an e-mail containing your log-in name and password for the BIS website, you can e-mail [email protected] stating your e-mail address and your membership number.

The members page gives an overview of logging in, the admin bar and a few other helpful details.

  • Click here to see the members page

In addition to the items listed on the members page, there is a member poll called ‘In your opinion’ in the right-hand widgets area that allows members to vote on the current questions. These questions will change over time, and may relate to:

  • Current events
  • General astronautics
  • An interesting discussion from an event
  • An article in Spaceflight magazine
  • The BIS itself

Below are links to the previous posts about member logins:


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