Full analysis of NASA’s next budget in April Spaceflight

Barack ObamaSpaceflight magazine’s April issue will be out in about three weeks with a full analysis of the NASA budget for the year beginning 1 October, the start of Fiscal Year 2013. Announced today by the Obama administration, NASA gets a slight reduction in the money it has for 2012 but both planetary exploration and education are cut substantially to help pay for cost overruns on other projects such as the James Webb Space Telescope. Planetary exploration takes a 20% cut, most of that in the part allocated to Mars exploration. NASA has been made to cancel all planned Mars robotic missions beyond MAVEN due for launch in November 2013. There is no money for ExoMars or any other presently proposed Mars exploration programme. Education is cut as it has been for every year of this administration but Commercial Crew Cargo gets a big boost while Orion and the SLS retain their big budget allocation. In short, up-front big-ticket programmes get the money at the expense of science and earth observation. Read the next issue of Spaceflight for a full review of these major cuts.

Read the budget presentation and more on www.nasa.gov

The Editor (Spaceflight)

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