UK Space Environments Conference

Start: 16 June 2012
End: 17 June 2012

Venue: Satrosphere Science Centre, 179 Constitution Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5TU


The UK Space Biomedicine Association invites you to the first UK Space Environments Conference in Aberdeen. This is the only conference where representatives from UK organisations actively engaged in fields such as Space Biomedicine, Astrobiology, Astrochemistry and Microgravity-physics will collectively meet to aid the development of space environments research and education in the UK. The meeting represents a unique opportunity to:

  • Showcase current activities related to research and education in the space environment.
  • Interact and collaborate with pioneers & colleagues from numerous disciplines involved in R&D associated with aspects of the space environment.
  • Contribute to and learn about the development of a national UK space biomedicine strategy.

Keynote speakers will include Dr Jeff Davis, Director of space life science and medical operations for NASA.

Early Registration fees: Professionals- £81, Student tickets- £57, before 1 April 2012.
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