BIS Odyssey Newsletter: Issue 13

Odyssey newsletter 13

English winters have a reputation for being brutal, not just in the severity of the weather (which seems to hit most hard at around this time of year) but also because they seem so long. We hope this month’s newsletter will go a little way to offsetting some of the winter gloom.

We are delighted to report than the January freeze had no detrimental impact whatsoever on a wonderful event arranged by the West Midlands branch of the BIS. Space Day, which took place on the 21 January, was a resounding success and a perfect blueprint for other regions which may wish to follow suit.

Continuing last month’s theme of “exercise for the mind,” Stephen Ashworth (a staunch supporter of the BIS and a frequent contributor to Spaceflight) challenges some of the assumptions occasionally made about spaceflight in an intriguing article.

Other winter warmers this month include Dr Ajay Sharman’s report on the important and inspirational work of STEM Ambassadors.

Our retro book review – Vengeance 10 by Joe Poyer – may also help shake off the winter chills with a story about a WW2 hero who also happens to be a member of the BIS.

As reported in Odyssey 10 (December 2011), our new and updated range of clothing and merchandise is a great way to support the BIS and enhance your wardrobe at the same time:

Mark Stewart – Odyssey Editor



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