International Space Station and Mars Conference


International Space Station and Mars Conference

Boeing Auditorium, ISU Central Campus
Strasbourg, France
12-13 April 2012

In partnership the International Space University (ISU) and Explore Mars Inc is presenting the International Space Station and Mars Conference. This conference is a continuation to the successful ISS and Mars Series that took place in Washington, D.C. in April 2011.

This conference will advance the discussion started in 2011 of how the ISS can help advance the goal of sending humans beyond LEO and on to Mars. The conference will feature some of the top names of space exploration in Europe and around the world. Confirmed and tentative speakers include, Reinhold Ewald (ESA; astronaut), James Garvin (NASA), Diego Urbina (Mars500), Walter Peeters (ISU), Berndt Feuerbacher (International Aeronautical Federation), Michael Menking (Astrium), Franklin Chang Diaz (Ad Astra Rocket; former NASA astronaut), Michael Raftery (Boeing), Sam Scimemi (NASA), Bruno Gardini (ESA) and many others.

Topics will include:

  • What have we learned and what are the challenges to human exploration of Mars?
  • ISS as a research and test bed and analog platform for Mars.
  • ISS as a research test bed for human factors of going beyond LEO.
  • ISS as a technology development and operational platform for Mars and other destinations beyond.
  • The ISS Partnership as a governance model for international human missions beyond LEO and eventually to Mars.
  • What projects can be launched in the next 2-5 years?

Attendees to the conference will also be able to attend the ISU 25th Anniversary/Yuri’s Night Reception, 12 April at ISU. This will be an exciting and inspiring party on the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight.

Explore Mars is happy to offer BIS members a special discount on registration by visiting the registration page and entering the special discount code: issmarsbis

Explore Mars has arranged a preferred rate for the participants for 11-14 April 2012 at the Holiday Inn which is across the road from the ISU campus in Illkirch. The rate is €79 per room (+ €1.50 city tax per person per night). The hotel has an airport shuttle service that runs from Monday to Friday.

Any person wanting to use this hotel (and rate) needs to contact the Holiday Inn Strasbourg-Illkirch to reserve a room. Make sure you tell the hotel that you are coming for the CONFERENCE ISS & MARS. Phone 03 88 40 84 84.

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