SKYLON – The Materials Challenge


A joint BIS and West of England Metals and Materials Association (WEMMA) meeting has been arranged for Wednesday 28 March, a light buffet will be available after the talk.

Venue: BAWA, Room 7, 589 Southmead Road, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7RG –

Start Time: 19.30. Doors open at 19.00

Speaker: Mark Hempsell, Future Programmes Director, Reaction Engines Limited

Currently every mission to space destroys a rocket costing between $40 million and $200 million and taking around three years to build. The vision of SKYLON is a fully reusable spaceplane that can take off from a runway like an aeroplane, reach orbit with 15 tonnes of cargo, and then return to land back on the runway. This will reduced the cost of reaching space by an order of magnitude. The talk outlines the SKYLON vehicle and highlights the material technologies being developed to achieve this vision by 2020.

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