Neil Armstrong 1930-2012

Neil ArmstrongThe first person to walk on the Moon died on 25 August following complications after cardiac surgery. Tributes and condolences have been sent by people around the world in an outpouring of gesture reminiscent of the collective emotion that touched everyone, everywhere on the day Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon on 21 July 1969.

For half the world’s population today who were not alive when that historic mission took place, it is a time for them to reflect on what was accomplished more than 43 years ago. For those who were alive then it is a time to recall those historic moments, flashed around the world as the first international gathering of a global audience to watch a monumental event taking place on another world. For those who were closer to the core of those activities, it is a very special sadness for having lost a member of the team, a part of a close family that now mourns one less in its ranks.

Spaceflight will carry a special biographical tribute to Neil Armstrong in the next issue out early September and on behalf of the entire membership the President of the British Interplanetary Society has sent its condolences to the US Ambassador in the UK and to the Administrator of NASA.

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