Curiosity: From Mars to Scotland

On Saturday 20 October 20 Mars exploration programme director Doug McCuistion participated on a virtual ‘Google+ Hangout’ live link with Glenelg, Scotland residents.

Glenelg, a small village located in north-west Scotland, along with the 10th Astronomer Royal of Scotland, hosted a full day of events honouring the historic journey of NASA’s Curiosity rover to a place informally called ‘Glenelg’ in Gale Crater on Mars. Former NASA astronaut Dr. Bonnie Dunbar attended as a speaker and participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The ‘Space, Stars and Mars’ event featured a range of space-themed activities that included McCuistion’s social-media-style presentation about Curiosity’s two-year mission engaged an enthusiastic audience of several hundred people attending the event.

See www.nasa.jpl/curiosity

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