Coming Soon Odyssey 22

In the bumper December 2012 edition:

Voyager 1 and 2 were launched in the 1970s, at a time when such endeavours were still the province of SF, “like something out of a story by Arthur C. Clarke.”

• Voyaging into the future – our editorial on humanity’s first interstellar emissaries

• From Super Constellations, Dakotas, and Comets to HOTOL and SKYON: the Society’s new President talks to Odyssey about the path that led him to join the BIS, and his vision for the future

• Titans of the BIS: Ken Gatland remembered

• John Silvester reviews: Imagining Outer Space – European Astroculture in the Twentieth Century

• Ray Macauley’s Crafting the future: envisioning space exploration in post-war Britain

• From the BIS Archives – we dig deep into the Society’s history to bring you a photographic gem featuring Arthur C. Clarke

The Pioneer and Voyager plaques owe much to BIS Member Eric Burgess, who helped to send these galactic messages on their way. Find out more in the next issue of the BIS e-magazine. This image shows Eric in illustrious company at the First International Astronautical Congress in Paris in 1950. Eric is ninth from the left. To his right is Val Cleaver and to his left, Arthur C. Clarke. Another BIS luminary, Les Shepherd, is fifth from the left.

• An update on the latest Odyssey essays, including coverage of the 2012 “Arthurs,” and An Evening with Brian Blessed

• Plus information on all upcoming BIS events, including our annual Christmas get-together: The Last Men on the Moon

• And as ever, much more!

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Also coming soon – a look back at Odyssey 2012: a pictorial review of the past twelve months of the e-magazine in the gallery section of the BIS website.

In Odyssey 22, we remember Ken Gatland, a past President of the BIS and former editor of Spaceflight magazine. This photo shows Ken (right) explaining a model of an expandable tank step-rocket to a visitor at the BIS Conversazione, 1 October 1949, St. Martin's Technical School, London.

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