BIS delivers two plaques to ESA

BIS plaque handoverTurin, Tuesday 20 November 2012: At 9:30 am two plaques commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the British Interplanetary Society (BIS) were handed over to the ATV-4 integration team in Turin, Italy, destined for the International Space Station. The plaques were carried to Turin by BIS Vice President Mark Hempsell. They were received by Thales Alenia Space, the company who make the Automated Transfer Vehicle Pressurized Module.

The President of the British Interplanetary Society, Alistair Scott said, “This is a fantastic way of celebrating our 80th year and reminding people of the work we have done since the early 1930s to promote spaceflight and the exploration and use of space. We are so grateful to ESA, the ATV Team and the ISS Astronauts for allowing us to fly”

BIS plaqueKirsten MacDonell, ESA ATV Cargo Manager who was instrumental in making the arrangements for the flight said, “The BIS has been promoting the study and exploration of astronautics for 80 years; inspiring generations of people from around the world. The 80th Anniversary of the British Interplanetary Society is a special occasion worth celebrating.

It is an honour to fly this BIS anniversary plaques on ATV-4.” The plaques are 4 cm diameter disks, 3 mm deep and made of high grade aluminium alloy. Weighing less than 5 g each they are precision machined to depict the Society’s 80th Anniversary Logo. They were sponsored by Reaction Engines Limited, and were made in the company’s machining division, Brite Precision.

BIS plaque handoverThe two plaques will be carried to the International Space Station on ESA’s fourth ATV, ATV 4, named “Albert Einstein”, in April 2013. It is planned for one to be returned to Earth while its twin remains on the ISS permanently.


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