Now in Spaceflight!

Just when you thought it was over – the haunting recollections of NASA’s Apollo programme bring life to reflections on the 40th anniversary of the last manned Moon landing in that first phase of lunar exploration that ended in December 1972. The latest issue of Spaceflight magazine brings you four stories across 10 pages covering unique aspects of the Apollo experience.

We reflect upon the outstanding performance of the last Apollo Moon crew, consider the science from Moon rocks, bring together a unique gathering of Moonwalkers at Spacefest 2012, and hear from the youngest space reporter at the launch of Apollo 11. And as if that wasn’t enough celebration of former milestones, we remember the 50th anniversary of the first successful planetary flyby, a mere 10 years before the first manned landing on the Moon.

But Spaceflight brings you more than past glories. In the January issue out early December, we look at:

  • a unique way to fly low-cost experiments into space,
  • report on the current activities aboard the International Space Station,
  • list all the latest launches in Satellite Digest,
  • bring news of a Space Congress designed to inspire the next generation,
  • explain how the UK government is adding 30% to space investment,
  • the winner of a national competition for new uses of GPS,
  • Space Shuttle Enterprise at a New York pier under threat from a giant storm,
  • check out the road test on NASA’s revamped Crawler-transporter, and
  • bring you all the latest news from the BIS including an ‘end of year’ report from the President and report on a successful day at ‘The Arthurs’.

We have changed our style, ever so slightly, and every month throughout the year we will be running a competition. So write to us and comment on space issues of the past, the present or the future and automatically enter for the chance to win a book on the history of astronomy!

As usual, all the best from a gathering of world-class space writers and contributors – only what you expect from Spaceflight, the magazine that brings you news, comment and analysis, every month.


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