Coming Soon, Odyssey 23 (January 2013)

In the first issue of 2013:
Leading SF author and futurologist David Brin steps into the Virtual Interview Chair:

David Brin talks to Odyssey about the “Uplift” saga and the future of humanity in our exclusive interview.

“Other authors dabbled in the notion that humans might pull other creatures up to our level of sapience, language, tool-use and problem-solving skills.  Pierre Boulle, Cordwainer Smith, H.G. Wells and others.   It occurred to me to try depicting a future – say 200 years from now – when we take on this task with the best of intentions i.e. openly, with care and no aim of enslaving the newly uplifted creatures, but instead expanding our diversity, insight and strength.”
John Silvester reviews 2312, Kim Stanley Robinson’s latest epic novel:
“On Earth, the arrival of the steamship was the catalyst for colonial expansion in the nineteenth century. Man’s conquest of space awaits a similar solution. We in the BIS already know this to be a truism, and we share it with the author. In this novel, we learn how this is finally achieved by the creation of thirty seven space elevators. Constantly filled to capacity, they enable traffic between Earth and space to increase by a factor of a hundred million.”

In Odyssey 23 Richard Hayes spins us through a number of intriguing possibilities, including some radical ideas suggested by SF author James Blish.

Radical Vectors: Guest Columnist Richard Hayes on gyroscopes, spindizzys and anti-gravity:

“The concept of reactionless propulsion occasionally features in science fiction. Perhaps we see an extension of the idea of gyroscopic antigravity in James Blish’s Cities in Flight stories, so excellently reviewed by Adrian Mann in Odyssey 14. The “spindizzy” devices that raise entire cities seem to use rotation to create the antigravity field.”

Ray Ward (winner of this year’s Brain of Britain competition) makes a valuable contribution to the BIS “Clarkives.”

And we continue to remember author, spaceflight innovator and past BIS President, Ken Gatland, with rare photos from the BIS archive.

Plus details on our exciting 2013 lecture programme, which includes presentations by Sheila Kanani, Tim Peake, Lewis Dartnell, Stephen Baxter, and award winning Space Boffins: Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham.

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And John Silvester reviews 2312, Kim Stanley Robinson’s latest novel, in advance of our interview with Stan.

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