The 2012 Odyssey Essay Collection

In Powering the Future, Building the Engines of Tomorrow, Odyssey speculates on the potential of the SKYLON space plane to radically change the dynamics of travelling beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

Here, gathered together in one place for the first time, is this year’s collection of Odyssey essays. Literally just a click away, we hope you will enjoy browsing the anthology, which in many cases celebrates the unique history and heritage of the BIS.

A Major Web Event

A whole new realm of discovery

An Evening with Brian Blessed – to Dream of Other Worlds

Barnstorming Heroics at the Edge of Space

Ben Bova remembers Ray Bradbury

Building Beneath the Stars: Eric Burgess (1920 – 2005)

Celestial knights – Remembering the Mercury Seven

Clarke, Cronkite and von Braun – Anchoring the Future

Imperial Earth – A Fantasy of Love and Discord (Post One)

Imperial Earth – A Fantasy of Love and Discord (Post Two)

Mark Stewart, FBIS
BIS Honorary Archival Librarian/Editor (Odyssey)


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