NASA day of remembrance

Tribute to the crews of Apollo 1 and Space Shuttles Challenger and Columbia, as well as other NASA colleagues, will be given during the agency’s Day of Remembrance observance on Friday, 1 February, the 10th anniversary of the Columbia tragedy and close to the 27th anniversary of the loss of Challenger (28 January 1986) and the 46th anniversary of the Apollo fire 27 January 1967).

A wreath-laying ceremony will; be held at the Space Mirror Memorial at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, hosted by the Astronauts Memorial Foundation.

Ceremony speakers include:

  • Robert Lightfoot, NASA associate administrator, Washington
  • William Gerstenmaier, associate administrator, NASA Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, Washington
  • Robert Cabana, director, NASA Kennedy Space Center
  • Thad Altman, president and chief executive officer, Astronauts Memorial Foundation
  • Jon McBride, chairman, Board of Directors, Astronauts Memorial Foundation
  • Mick Ukleja, chairman, Board of Trustees, Astronauts Memorial Foundation
  • Evelyn Husband-Thompson, widow of Col. Rick Husband, commander, space shuttle Columbia, STS-107
  • Eileen Collins, commander, space shuttle Discovery, STS-114

The Astronauts Memorial Foundation, a private, not-for-profit organization, built and maintains the Space Mirror Memorial. It was dedicated in 1991 to honor all astronauts who lost their lives on missions or during training and has been designated a National Memorial by Congress.

The ceremony will be broadcast live on NASA Television. For NASA Television downlink information, schedule information and streaming video, visit:

For information about NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, visit:

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