KickSat and the Pocket Mission Control App

Augmented Reality AppUKSEDS 25th annual conference at Bristol in February 2013 was a great event with exhibitors displaying a range of satellites, rovers, a model of the Skylon engine,  educational material, and talks about all of these and much more.

The KickSat display on the BIS table generated plenty of interest, and speaking with attendees made it clear that personal spacecraft, such as KickSat Sprites, are becoming increasingly popular.

A question asked at the BIS stand by one enthusiastic  group was, is anybody doing anything to track all of the CubeSat, ChipSat, Thin-Film and other interesting devices that are likely to be put into orbit in the coming years? The answer to this question came later from a conversation, and then presentation, by three students at Bristol University that have been commissioned as part of a small team to create ‘The Pocket Mission Control App’.

The Pocket Mission Control App will feature augmented reality on mobile devices, and will be open source allowing private individuals and researchers to manage personal spacecraft as well as viewing the location, telemetry and historical telemetry of third party spacecraft. A 3D model of each type of spacecraft might also be added to the app for reference.

The fundamentals of this app are well advanced, and the team are confident that it will be released in time to help BIS members and all interested parties track KickSat Sprites in September 2013.

We wish the team well, and will report developments as we hear them.

Andrew Vaudin


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