Coming Soon: Odyssey 26 (April 2013)

The next edition of the Society’s e-magazine features:

A colossal Worldship, over 200km long, carrying its crew of settlers in an ocean environment, arrives in orbit around a distant planet after a 1,000 year journey. (Image courtesy of Adrian Mann)

Radical Vectors – how to jump aboard a runaway interstellar juggernaut: Richard Hayes explores some famous world ships.

Coral Moons, Ice Worlds and Far Flung Sirens: Odyssey looks back at Dr Sheila Kanani’s recent guided tour of the Solar System.

We review “Existence” by David Brin; and the “Lunar Rover Owners’ Workshop Manual” by Christopher Riley, David Woods and Philip Dolling.

Gerry Anderson Remembered: “Supercar” flies again.

The Feedback Loop: Letter from America: Nancy Wood on the importance of mining historical archives in the age of new and emerging media.

Find out more about BIS volunteer Richard Blogg in the next issue of Odyssey in our article entitled Coral Moons, Ice Worlds and Far Flung Sirens.

Echoes of the Future: more incredible images of “what might be” from the imagination of Adrian Mann.

Pastel Panoramas: we continue to celebrate the artwork of Bruce Pennington.

And, as ever, much more besides!

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