Sir Arthur Clarke Awards Winners

2017, UK Space Conference Gala Dinner and Awards, UK Space Conference, Manchester
Special Lifetime Space Achievement Award Piers Sellers, NASA Astronaut
Space Achievement – Industry/Project Team (Large Projects) Award
The Gaia Team – Airbus Defence and Space
Space Achievement – Industry/Project Team (Small Projects) Award The Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) Team – Oxford Science Park
Space Achievement – Industry/Project Individual Award Alan Bond, Co-Founder, Reaction Engines Ltd
Space Achievement – Academic Study/Research Award
The UK Gaia Science Team – Cambridge and Leicester Universities
Space Achievement – Education and Outreach (Team) Award
The Cosmonauts Exhibition Team – The Science Museum
Space Achievement – Education and Outreach (Individual) Award
Kathie Bowden – Institute for Environmental Analytics, Reading University and the UK Space Agency
Space Achievement – Student Award The CranSpace Mars Flyby Team – School of Engineering, Cranfield University
Space Achievement – Media, Broadcast and Written
Dallas Campbell – TV Presenter and Actor
Lifetime Space Achievement Award
Paul Flanagan – Secretary General, UKspace
International Space Achievement Award Roy Gibson – First Director General, European Space Agency
2016, Reinventing Space Conference Gala Dinner, Royal Society, London
Space Achievement – Industry/Project Team The SSTL Galileo Team with Gary Lay and Elizabeth
Space Achievement – Industry/Project Individual Dave Honess, Astro Pi
Space Achievement – Academic Study/Research Dr. Harry Ward and the University of Glasgow
LISA Pathfinder team
Space Achievement – Education and Outreach The UK Space Agency Principia Education Team of
Jeremy Curtis, Libby Jackson and Susan Buckle
Space Achievement – Special Individual Outreach Tim Peake, ESA
Space Achievement – Education Mike Grocott, Space School, Banbury
Space Achievement – Student Joseph Dudley, UKSEDS
Space Achievement – Media, Broadcast and Written David Shukman, BBC News
Lifetime Achievement Pat Norris, CGI
International Achievement The Global VSAT Forum (GVF),
David Hartshorn, Secretary General
2015, UK Space Conference Gala Dinner and Awards, St Georges Hall, Liverpool
Space Achievement – Industry/Project Team The Beagle 2 Team, Industry and Academia
Space Achievement – Industry/Project Individual William Marshall, Planet Labs, San Francisco
Space Achievement – Academic Study/Research The Stardust Team, University of Strathclyde
Space Achievement – Education and Outreach The Rosetta/Philae Outreach Team
Space Achievement – Student The MSC Student Outreach Team, Kings College London
Space Achievement – Media, Broadcast and Written Richard Hollingham, BBC Future
Lifetime Achievement Prof. J.L. Culhane, Mullard Space Science Laboratories, UCL
International Achievement Dr Burton I. Edelson (Posthumous)
2014, The Royal Aeronautical Society, London
Space Achievement – Industry/Project Team The ESA/Industry Rosetta Team
Space Achievement – Industry/Project Individual John Ellwood, Ex ESA
Space Achievement – Academic Study/Research Professor Louise Harra, MSSL, UCL
Space Achievement – Education and Outreach Dr Lucie Green, Dept of Space & Climate Physics, MSSL, UCL
Space Achievement – Student The Cranspace Team: Idriss Sisaid, Enrique Gardia Bourne & Edward Anstassacos
Space Achievement – Media, Broadcast and Written Arrow Media – “Live from Space” series
Lifetime Achievement Colin Pillinger, Open University
International Achievement James Lovelock
2013, UKSC, Glasgow
Best Space Activity – Industry/Project e2v
Best Space Activity – Industry/Project Individual Paul Flanagan, UK Space
Best Space Activity – Academic Study/Research The Herschel-SPIRE Team, University of Cardiff led by Professor Matt Griffin
Best Space Education and Outreach Stuart Eves, Surrey Space Technology Ltd
Best Space Education – Student Achievement Rebecca Hayward, Hockerill Anglo European College
Best Space Media – Broadcast and written Ben Gilliland, Metro
Lifetime Achievement Prof Alan Wells, University of Leicester
International Achievement Dr Joe Pelton
2012, House of Lords
Best Space Activity – Industry/Project NigeriaSat-2 Team, SSTL
Best Space Activity – Academic Study/Research Prof Ian Wright, Rosetta Ptolemy Team
Best Space Education and Outreach Heather MacRae, Venture Thinking
Best Space Education – Student Achievement Charlotte Lucking, Strathclyde University
Best Space Media – Broadcast and written Richard Hollingham/Sue Nelson, Space Boffins
Lifetime Achievement Paul Money, Astronomer, writer and broadcaster
International Achievement Jean-Jacques Dordain, Director General, ESA
2011, UKSC, Warwick University
Education and Outreach Unlimited Theatre for ‘Mission to Mars’
Space Research Advanced Space Concepts Lab, Strathclyde Uni Commerce Clyde Space
Media Clive Horwood
Chris Brunskill
International David Thompson
Exceptional Achievement Professor David Southwood
2010, UKSC, Charterhouse School
International International Space University
Inspiration Anu Ojha
Team QinetiQ ion propulsion team
Individual Matt Griffin, Cardiff University
Film/TV/Radio Presentation James May, “The Moon”
Space Reporting Jonathan Amos, BBC News Online
Education Becky Parker
David Williams, Avanti Communications
Outreach EADS Astrium Team
Student Áron Kidsi
2009, UKSC, Charterhouse School
Education Chris Welch
Corporate/Team Automated Transfer Vehicle Team (John Ellwood: ATV project manager)
Individual Richard Garriott
Lifetime Prof Fred Taylor
Space Reporting
BBC News Science Team, special citation for Paul Rincon
Student David Boyce
TV/Radio Presentation BBC Four’s The Satellite Story
Written Presentation “Red Moon Rising” by Matthew Brzezinski
Inspiration Lord Drayson
Special Award Alistair Scott
Outreach IAC Team – British Interplanetary Society
2008, UKSC, Charterhouse School
Corporate/Team Mars Express Team; Project Manager Rudi Schmidt
Individual Ian Taylor MP
Student Alison Gibbings
Space Reporting Spaceflight magazine; Editor Clive Simpson
Education Faulkes Telescope Project; director Dr Paul Roche
Inspiration Dr Piers Sellers
Presentation, Film In the Shadow of the Moon; Director David Sington & Dr Christopher Riley
Presentation, TV & Radio Martin Redfern and Heather Couper: “Britain’s Space Race”
Presentation, Written Dr David A. Baker: Jane’s Spaceflight Directory
Outreach Dr Margaret Aderin-Pocock
Prof Sir Martin Sweeting
2007, BROHP, Charterhouse School
Corporate/Team Achievement The Mars Exploration Rovers Team
Individual Steve Squyres
Space Reporting Robin Scagell
Education The International Space School Educational Trust
Inspiration Sir Patrick Moore
Presentation, TV & Radio The Sky At Night
Presentation, Written Charles S. Cockell: Space on Earth
Lord Sainsbury
Lifetime Eric “Winkle” Brown
Special Award Ray Bradbury
George Abbey award The Rocket Men Team that made a Space Shuttle out of a Reliant Robin for the BBC TV series Top Gear
2006, BROHP, Charterhouse School
The UK Huygens Industry Team
Individual Dr David Parker
Student Sabrina Pottinger
Education Alex Blackwood
Inspiration Dr Michael Foale
Presentation, TV & Radio Space Race, BBC TV
Presentation, Written Alan Lawrie: Saturn V
PPARC Communication Team
Lifetime Reginald Turnill
2005, BROHP, Charterhouse School
EADS Space
Individual Prof John Zarnecki
Student Julia Tizard
Space Reporting Dr David Whitehouse
National Space Centre
George Scoon
Presentation, TV & Radio Dr Christopher Riley, producer: Space Odyssey: Voyage To The Planets
Best Presentation, Written David A. Hardy and Patrick Moore: Futures—50 Years in Space
Outreach Prof Colin Pillinger
Special Award British Interplanetary Society
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