Out Now – Odyssey 29 (July 2013): Have Spacesuit – Will Travel

We hope that by now our readers have managed to struggle loose from the various quantum entanglements posed by last month’s issue and are back in the universe where light, matter and energy behave as they should (although can even the cleverest physicist really claim they understand the counterintuitive subtleties of the quantum world?). Those just back from this “redshift rendezvous” can look forward to an equally extreme departure this month.

Odyssey is always happy to leave the realm of terrestrial things far behind at the first opportunity and scramble off into space, casting aside more familiar moorings for the uncertainties of interplanetary and interstellar travel. Even so, this month’s Radical Vectors is a challenging leap into darkness as we follow Richard Hayes in pursuit of rogue worlds tumbling through the depths of the interstellar abyss.

The title of Robert Heinlein’s 1958 novel Have Spacesuit –Will Travel sums up our second lead article, which deals with this most essential of all items in the space traveller’s wardrobe. So make sure your visor is locked and all the systems on your suit are working as we join Neil and Buzz at the Apollo 11 landing site. “’That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for the BIS.”

Finally, we are happy to report that several Odyssey readers, previously arrested for being in possession of illicit military blueprints, have now been released unharmed by the Klingon Consulate. We wish them well on their respective journeys back home in various Federation shuttlecraft. A full investigation into this matter by Starfleet Command has exonerated Jerry Stone of any and all blame!

Mark Stewart, FBIS
Editor (Odyssey)
[email protected]

A spacesuit is essential for anyone wishing to find their way through the pages of the latest Odyssey.

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