BIS Space History Conference at Charterhouse


Date: 24-26 July 2014

Venue: Charterhouse School, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 2DX

Recording the Past – Debating the Present – Inspiring the Future

BIS-Logo-ArthursThe British Interplanetary Society Space History Conference at Charterhouse will have a varied programme reflecting on Space Exploration, Launcher technology, Space Science, the Development of commercial Space-based technology, Space Policy and Space-based Astronomy.

This is a chance to listen to top speakers, take part in a variety of workshops, debate with fellow enthusiasts and to enjoy a social side of the conference that only Charterhouse can bring. Stimulating, thoughtful and good fun. Make sure you come!

The conference will be held in the Modern Language Block and overnight accommodation will be available on a first come first served basis in the Chetwynd Boarding House in single rooms with en-suite shower/wc. There are a limited number of twin rooms, so it is advisable to call Suszann Parry on 0207 735 3160 as soon as possible to book one.

Registration will open at 09.30 am on 24th July and the programme will start at 11.00 am. For those opting for the full Residential package this will include all morning and afternoon refreshments and lunch on all 3 days, dinner on the evening of the 24th, breakfast on the 25th & 26th, and the Conference dinner on the 25th.

To view a draft programme click here (subject to change)

Outline Programme

The programme will include:

‘An Update on Skylon’  by Alan Bond

‘Time for the Stars’ by Kelvin Long

‘Exploring Mars’ by Professor Fred Taylor

‘The Herschel Space Observatory: Exploring the Origins of Stars and Galaxies’  by Professor Matt Griffin

‘Using Water Rockets Workshops in Schools and Elsewhere to Talk About Anything you like to do with Rocketry’ by Andrew Hanson

‘The History of the Stevenage Site’ by John Thatcher

‘The Vickers Transonic Model’ by Kate Pyne

‘The Early History of the BIS (and Britain in Space)’ by Professor Bob Parkinson

‘The BIS and its Influence on the Space Industry’  by Alistair Scott

‘The Future is Out of this World’ by Dr. Stuart Eves

‘An A-Level in “Space Science and Technology”’ by Dr. Stuart Eves

‘Airborne Engineering’ by James MacFarlane

‘World Space Week 2014’ by Vix Southgate

‘Space Debris – What, Where and Possible Solutions’ by Dr. Lucy Rogers

‘Rosetta: The Story so Far and What’s Yet to Come’ by  Dan Andrews

‘The History of the ‘Breeze’ Upper Stage Family’ by Oleg Sokolov

‘The NASA cricket team – The Brits who helped NASA get to the Moon’ by Dave Wright

‘On the Surface of Another World – The 45th Anniversary of Apollo 11’ by Jerry Stone

‘The BIS History Committee’ – John Becklake

‘UKAYRoC – Inspiring the Next Generation of Rocket Scientists’ by Helen Barraclough

‘From Project Daedalus to Project Icarus and Beyond’ by Rob Swinney

‘Advanced Electric Propulsion for Interstellar Precursor Missions’ by Angelo Genovese

‘Journey into Space’ by Gerry Webb

‘Starship Futures’ by John Davies

‘Messages to Aliens, the Drake Equation and the Fermi Paradox’ by Stephen Ashworth

An Audience with George Abbey

Video Conference – Houston

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