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Visionary-Book-PostRarely does a work of true originality make its way into print and few get to see the publicity perhaps they deserve. This work succeeds on both counts. VISIONARY has brought together an anthology of collected writings from some of the great names in science fiction and new writers who give an eloquent expression of the range of the possible and imaginative concepts few can articulate. More than that, it includes writings from some of the great and up-and-coming names in the literature of space fact and fiction.

Edited by Terence J Henley, the editor of Odyssey, a publication of the British Interplanetary Society, and with a foreword from Richard Hayes, VISIONARY includes works by Stephen Ashworth, Richard K Obousy, Kelvin Long (the Editor of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society), David Smith and Rob Swinney as well as others who have brought their collective intellectual focus to bear on a single unifying theme: the legitimacy of the imaginative.

The book is separated into three specific groupings of literary expression: Science Fiction Short Stories, Science Fiction Poetry, and Novelettes. Each work fits a specific mould fashioned by the writer and most explore unmapped regions of human imagination. Places that people have visited before but in different ways and for different reasons. But not like this. They are all original and hitherto unpublished and, as such, provide a unique tapestry of creative talent.

This book is the latest in a series of publications from the British Interplanetary Society, most of which delve into factual aspects of space science and engineering through analytical examination of specific programmes or through the lens of history. Reflectively, very little has been published by the BIS giving new scale to the Society’s motto: From Imagination to Reality. VISIONARY does what no previous BIS publication has, providing a new canvas for expressing the imagination of creative and talented writers and, as such, it is likely to become a collector’s item in future years.

We are likely to hear a lot more form writers who are flexing their creative neurons for the first time in this book and it is to be hoped that success with this unique work will encourage those for whom this is a launch pad to return again and make further contributions to our own vison of what the future may hold. Or, more than that, explore afresh just what the fabric of space and time, physical and metaphysical existence may be all about.

A remarkable first step has been taken on that long and winding road – but to understand that, you must yourself be a VISIONARY.

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