Secrets unveiled in Spaceflight

Spaceflight-October-CoverThe October issue of Spaceflight will unravel a dark and deeply held secret from the tense years of the Cold War when both sides of the ideological divide tried to spy on each other’s satellites – from platforms in space! Now an accepted practice, back in the closing months just before the first manned landing on the Moon, this was a very dangerous game. Dwayne Day, that doyen of dark secrets from a bygone era tells all, as he explains how a mistaken interpretation could easily have raised the stakes in the one-upmanship of political bounce.

Also in this next issue of your favourite space magazine, Rick Mulheirn talks with Apollo 17 commander Eugene A Cernan about a new film in which he has played a significant part, about – well, him! Interesting stuff. Gene is probably the best publicist we now have from that merry band of brothers who flew Apollo spacecraft all the way to the Moon and back.

There was very little new or unexpected on the space stands at this year’s Farnborough International Air Show, but then the UK’s premier shop window for civil and military aircraft has never really embraced the space segment of aerospace. Which is a pity because our French cousins do it so well. But then, they know all about national pride and place their space engineers proportionately higher in the pecking order. Nevertheless, our very own Mat Irvine was there, camera at the ready, to show us what did make it to the otherwise grassy slopes of one of the world’s oldest aeronautical research facilities.

And Brett Gooden “Mr Natter” himself, brings to a close his three-part story of the world’s first manned vertical takeoff rocket as he relates the legacy of the Ba 349. An all too easily forgotten milestone in the long running attempt to get humans into space. Amazing that little more than 16 years elapsed between that event and the flight of Yuri Gagarin.

So enjoy this next issue and remember:



376-378 The Last Man on the Moon
Rick Mulheirn has been to the movies, more specifically to the Sheffield Film festival to talk with former astronaut Eugene A Cernan about his life, his epic flight as commander of the last Apollo mission to the Moon and about the film that has been made about it all.

379-381 The Farnborough International Air Show 2014
Mat Irvine packed up his sandwiches and took a trip to this year’s Farnborough International Air Show to see what the space agencies and the commercial companies were putting on display and to get a feel for an industry in a state of change.

382-385 The Bachem Natter Part 3
Historian and specialist on one of the more bizarre weapons of World War Two, Brett Gooden concludes his three-part story about the world’s first vertically-launched man-carrying rocket and the influence this had on post-war developments with rocket powered aircraft.

386-388 Close Encounters of the Top Secret Kind
Dwayne Day looks at a strange incident during the height of the Cold War when for a while it appeared the Russians might be trying to intercept a US spy satellite and takes look himself at the practice of satellites spying on satellites.

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