The Tachyon World

TachyonWorld-lrgIt is possible, that our universe of space-time, our four dimensional universe, is only the surface of a much larger and deeper substrate or mantle. If we contemplate that our world from ‘everyday’ to cosmic scales is based on inertia, gravity, mass, and that it is limited to the speed of light, is it also possible, that from among our physical complements of bodies and appendages, from the tip of our noses, then to the extremes of the red shift at the observational edge and somewhere beyond our known universe… that there is more to resolve in our measurements and observations than what we perceive as physical reality?

And also, consider that maybe the electron in ‘orbit’ or better in it’s uncertain constant motion around the nucleus, as it can gains and loses (quantum) energy, by either emitting a photon to drop to a lower energy state, or inversely, absorbing a photon and rising to a higher energy state, yet not tiring just continually in its cloud somewhere without seeming to weary, that perhaps there is a limit to the inertial state and there is a non-inertial state. Is ‘gravity’ and inertia really inertial geometry? Is there a possibility that what we are measuring and observing, is maybe not being defined properly?

Let us conjecture that all things below the speed of light have ‘inertia’, and are affected by ‘gravity’ while having mass and momentum. Light itself, not only having momentum, also having what remains of ‘inertia’ and the effects of ‘gravity’. Perhaps light is demonstrating the surface of a Superuniverse. A Universe much larger than that which we measure and observe directly. Maybe what we observe and measure has some shadowy observations and measurements just at the fringe of resolution. Is that itself a non-inertial, and super-relativistic faster-than-light domain?

For more on this incisive examination of a radical challenge to contemporary physics, with implications for distance and time travel, see the November issue of Spaceflight. OUT SOON!

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