Spaceflight November Issue Out Now!

Spaceflight-v56-no11-November-2014-lrgA lot is happening in the world of astronautics right now and Spaceflight brings you yet again a packed issue with news, views and analysis.

I am delighted to introduce Robert B Cronkhite to our readers, with a thought-provoking challenge to deliberations about relativistic concepts of multiverses and the possibility of jumping time gaps to fold space within our reach. Challenged by many physicists, it is, however, worthy of discussion and I hope it will encourage a lot of readers to send in letters and comment.

Coming up very soon – at a frightening pace! – the Reinventing Space conference is one not to miss, as attendees will appreciate, especially on the BIS Day.

Extending the arm of support and acknowledging the profoundly enthusiastic world of SF, BIS President Alistair Scott attended and got the shock of his life – emerging from this Damascene moment enthused for ever by the energy that emanated from LonCon-3. Read all about it in Spaceflight.

And there is much, much more as we review the implications behind the latest selection of contenders for the crew-carrying job of sending US astronauts to the International Space Station, around 2017 or 2018, review the smouldering Euro-fire over Ariane 6 and report on a delay to NASA’s plans to get the Space Launch System off the pad and into space.

But overall, the joy of producing another issue for our enthusiastic reader-base out there is dulled this month with the very sad news of the death of Don Beattie. A giant among his peers, Don was the push behind the drive to put science on the Moon with Apollo extension flights and he achieved most of what he set out to accomplish. Behind the thoroughly nice man was a warm and generous person who will be very greatly missed, a long-time supporter of the BIS and a man who I am proud to have called a friend.

David Baker
Spaceflight Editor


413-415 The Tachyon World
In asking us to consider whether tachyons exist or can be thought to assemble a parallel existence which we can bridge, Robert B Cronkhite is challenging current thinking in physics. We think it is a debate which should be joined.

416-417 Low cost space – from imagination to reality
Scott Hatton previews the Reinventing Space conference, hosted this year by the British Interplanetary Society in London, and emphasises the urgent need for a renaissance in space activity.

418-419 LonCon-3
BIS President Alistair Scott enthuses over the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention and the Society’s presence, where much interest and attention was evident.

420-421 Hill climb with a difference!
Spaceflight previews the next major phase in NASA’s Curiosity mission as it gets into the extended phase of operations in the foothills of Mount Sharp.

422-425 Floating Free
Looking back 30 years to the first untethered spacewalk, Ken MacTaggart recalls the unique experiences of Shuttle astronaut Bruce McCandless when he tried out the Manned Maneuvering Unit.

426-427 Soviet Tracking Ships – and Robert Bartini
Russian specialists Brian Harvey and Bert Vis describe the vagaries of the Soviet floating space tracking facilities and explains how one man wanted something entirely different.

Regular Features

404 Britain in Space – How does HSF affect your child?

405 Briefing notes – news shorts from around the world

406 – 407 World News Analysis – NASA awards Commercial Crew contracts – Conflict in Europe – SLS delayed

408-409 Satellite Digest – 502 August 2014

410-412 ISS Operations Summary – 16 August – 15 September 2014

428-429 Flashback – A regular feature looking back 50 years ago this month

431 Obituary – Donald A Beattie (1929-2014)

432-433 Inbox – ‘In the rocket’s red glare’

435-437 Society News – Life on Mars – BIS West Midlands Talk – Bioethics at the BIS – A Visit to BIS-Italia Members

438 What’s On

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