Soon in January Spaceflight!

Spaceflight-Post-Cover-2015-01It might not yet be Christmas, and thoughts of a New Year are still on the other side of that next big festive event, but for the crew on spaceship Spaceflight, always ahead of the game, it is 2015 already!

The January issue contains the usual diverse mix of past, present and future with a major section on the outstanding encounter with Comet 67P by ESA’s Philae lander. We have an insightful interview from ace space-watcher Nick Spall with the next British astronaut, Tim Peake, and a report on World Space Week by Vix Southgate.

Plus, Joel Powell revisits the unique stand-up EVA on the Moon by Apollo 15 commander Dave Scott and explains why it was so special, Dwayne Day tells of a controversial satellite design built for very different times and we take a look at what went wrong with the Antares rocket when it exploded shortly after lift-off on 28 October last.

All in all, another stunning issue not to be missed.




Antares Falters
As the forensic engineering analysis of the failure of an Antares rocket on 28 October reaches its preliminary conclusions, what was responsible for the catastrophic loss of more than 2 tonnes of cargo for the ISS and what impact will it have on the future for Orbital Sciences?

The Apollo 15 Standup EVA
Space historian Joel W Powell digs out the details on Apollo 15 commander Dave Scott’s unique survey of the Hadley Apennine landing site from his position standing on the ascent engine cover, head and shoulders out the top of the Lunar Module Falcon.

Tim Peake Speaks of Principia
Spaceflight’s Nick Spall talks to British astronaut Tim Peake about his Principia mission, now less than a year away from launch on a Soyuz spacecraft to the ISS where he will remain for approximately six months.

Star Wars, LOSAT and QuickStar
Dwayne A Day has dug into the history of a little-known series of satellites emerging from the Brilliant Pebbles concept which evolved from the mid-1980s Strategic Defense Initiative, a US missile defence shield.

For All Mankind
In another of Nick Howes’ interviews with prominent space personalities, Russell (Rusty) Schweickart describes his experiences as an Apollo astronaut and more recently for his role in setting up the B612 Foundation raising public awareness to the danger of asteroid impacts.

World Space Week 2014 A British Success
Vix Southgate provides a brief wrap-up on a successful series of events around the UK in support of World Space Week, acknowledging the dawn of the Space Age when Russia launched Sputnik 1 in October 1957.

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