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Spaceflight-Post-Cover-2015-02I know – it doesn’t make much sense. Here we are this side of Christmas and talking about the February issue of your favourite magazine covering space past, present and future. But as I have said before, that’s the magazine world for you! And while you have all been feasting on mince pies and knocking back the odd tipple (some of them apparently very odd indeed!), the worker-bees at the British Interplanetary Society have been putting together the next issue.

So, just when you thought it was all over – the real treat arrives in the form of the February issue of Spaceflight, out to readers early January. And what a treat it is. I never cease to be amazed at the range of subjects and insightful analysis that our contributors come up with and there is a good sampling of that in the February issue.

But before we get to that, important things have been happening in the development of the new generation of human space flight vehicles and this next issue contains 10 pages of an Orion Special which looks in detail at the first flight of NASA’s deep-space exploration vehicle and its historic flight atop a Delta 4 Heavy in early December. Your editor is responsible for that one.

Whatever the future may hold for human space flight, an asteroid mission is high on the list of probable destinations. Dave Dietzler has continued the theme of looking at future possibilities with a visionary leap forward to the day Earth benefits from an industrial process which may even now be developing in the plans and policies of space-faring nations around the world.

Nick Howes continues his series of interviews with a conversation with Jack Lousma, an Apollo-era astronaut who became heavily involved with the Shuttle programme and who has a personal take on the Apollo 13 flight – something which particularly grabbed my attention for reasons some of you may know. As with his previous interviews, the edited version takes up one page in Spaceflight but members can read the full interview on the BIS web site.

And we have a special ‘thank you’ to artist David Hardy for his inspirational work with both brush and palette knife and a call for young and talented artists to show their creative work in a special feature Spaceflight will put together during 2015; announcements to follow.

So, it’s back to the Christmas pudding and party crackers but for some it really will all be over on 2nd January. For most of you reading this, another treat arrives on your doorstep or in your e-reader, shortly thereafter with the February issue of Spaceflight.

Remember – Santa comes twice and if he passes you by and you fail to find Spaceflight dropped off on your doorstep on his way back to the North Pole:



Cygnus recovery
With the Antares launch vehicle grounded until a replacement engine can be found, what plans does Orbital Sciences have for maintaining a logistics supply to the International Space Station and how soon can flights resume?

Orion flies!
The editor tracks Orion spacecraft 001 on its maiden space flight on the world’s most powerful launch vehicle and examines some of the technology that helped it fly farther than any vehicle designed to carry humans has been for more than 42 years.

Asteroid Mining for Lunar Tourism
Dave Dietzler looks at the possibilities for humans in asteroid mining and the logistical requirements this will require, what propulsion systems might be necessary and how much energy it takes to get the job done.

Few and Far Between
Regular Spaceflight contributor Nick Howes talked to astronaut Jack Lousma about his work for NASA during the Apollo programme, his reflections on Apollo 13 and his activities aboard Skylab.

David A Hardy – A Big Thank-You!
BIS President Alistair Scott and Spaceflight editor David Baker team up to separately pay tribute to one of the UK’s outstanding space artists, be it for fact or fiction. .

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