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The Beagle has landed!
Fabrizio Bernardini offers up a personal view of the recent discovery that images taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s HiRISE camera may have found the Beagle 2 lander on the surface of Mars. Criticised by a few, Prof Pillinger and his team have scored one for engineering, had their efforts vindicated and restored the debate about low-cost science versus flagship projects dominating funds.

Morpheus – Moon lander on test
Gerard van de Haar and Jacques van Oene report on a technology legacy from the Constellation programme, cancelled in 2010 and describe a series of tests with a unique form of lander which may have long-term applications for exploration missions of the future..

Bootstrapping Lunar Industry
In the second of our series on harvesting the mineral resources of the solar system, Dave Dietzler opens a two-part discussion about how large-scale mining of the Moon may not only support indigenous activities on the surface but also help to replenish vital materials to support a third industrial age on Earth.

Tough and competent
Nick Howes continues his series of discussions with leading figures from the history of space flight with a conversation he had exploring the reflective memory of Sy Liebergot, the man famous for his role in Apollo 13 and who has decided views about the rest of the space programme – and other people too.

Orion Rising?
Space historian, academic and regular contributor Joel Powell was at Cape Canaveral for the recent flight of the Orion crew module and offers a personal view of the event as well as some incisive opinion about what it meant and why it still retains a vulnerability to many political challenges.

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