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Spaceflight-Post-Cover-2015-10This month we have a close look at the International Space Station with George Spiteri’s usual wrap-up on monthly events and an assessment of where we stand on future activity and potential privatisation of the station. All this is reminiscent of intense efforts in the mid-1980s to privatise the Shuttle as competition from Europe’s Ariane was attracting low-price rides to low Earth orbit. That effort failed when the idea collapsed after the Challenger disaster in January 1986 but a hybrid of this idea has been resurrected by one senior manager.

The ISS is far too valuable an asset to be left solely in the hands of budget-cutting politicians. It is an investment that could serve as the bedrock upon which future, and more ambitious, goals are achieved. The ISS is the only ‘laboratory’ where physiological, psychological and behavioural reactions to team-working in a weightless environment beyond Earth’s atmosphere can be monitored and tested. These areas are crucial to deep-space exploration and are less well defined that any of the proposed technology solutions.

Also this month we publish an extensive look at the creative work of Paul Van Hoeydonck in crafting a figurine left on the lunar surface at the Apollo 15 Hadley-Apennine landing site in August 1971. The figurine was inspired by mission commander David R Scott, who wanted to commemorate the lives of astronauts who lost their lives in the pursuit of space travel and exploration beyond Earth. But the laudable intentions of Scott and Van Hoeydonck were marred by incidents beyond their control conducted by people who did not have the profound ideals of the instigator and the creator of that figurine. Rick Mulheirn and Danny Van Hoecke tell that story.

All this – and much more in The October issue of Spaceflight!


366 On to Mars – But not yet!
Andrew Jackson was at the 18th annual Mars Society Conference in Washington DC in mid-August where the call for a major push on getting humans to the Red Planet was as loud as ever. But this time, the US President is in the sights for a lobby push.

368-369 Europa Mission Unveiled
In the second of a two-part analysis the NASA mission to Europa is examined as participants gather to consider their plans for a mission destined to peel back the secrets of Jupiter’s remote ice world with an ocean.

376-378 The ISS – Taking Stock
A major report on the expanding cost of the International Space Station implies that the commercial contracts for resupply and crew delivery are to blame but the Editor argues that the value of the facility cannot be counted in dollars paid, arguing that it is vital for future exploration.

380-381 Cities at Night
As winter falls, the nights are getting lighter. At least that’s the view from space as light pollution from LEDs can be seen from space, dazzling drivers and pilots and blocking out the night sky for astronomers.

382-388 Honour to the Fallen Astronauts
Rick Mulheirn and Danny Van Hoecke tell the story of the commemorative figurine crafted by Paul Van Hoeydonck, left on the surface of the Moon by Apollo 15 Commander David Scott and of the misfortune that befell a noble idea

389 Eileen Collins wows Yorkshire audiences
Rick Mulheirn reports on the visit to Pontefract by astronaut Eileen Collins and how she attracted interest and high regard as a pilot and as a person.

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364-365 Britain in Space – UK Boosts Indonesian Space Effort

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370-371 Satellite Digest – 513 July 2015

372-375 ISS Operations Summary – 16 July to 15 August 2015

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392 Obituary – Alexei Gubarev (1931-2015)

393 Off the Shelf – The X-15 Rocket Plane – NASA Gemini 1965-1966

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