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Spaceflight-Post-Cover-2016-01In the January 2016 issue, Spaceflight hooks up with Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Station and provides readers with background to that event with details of all the TV and podcast programmes currently scheduled for nationwide coverage when another British astronaut heads for space.

We also dial in to the BIS technical teams beavering in the Boffins Burrow at a wide range of projects both practical and theoretical and we get a review of the latest work on the Icarus starship.

Konrad Szocik takes a long, hard look at how people might respond to an isolated and detached Mars colony, asking whether too much attention is paid to the technical challenges and not enough to the physiological and psychological problems which such an experience might bring.

Back from the 66th IAC in Jerusalem, Spaceflight reporter David Todd catches up with news fresh from the whispering corridors of power about the latest news and views on current space activity.

And Alan Marlow reflects on a memorable tour of V-2 test facilities during a recent trip to Germany, reminding us once again of the outstanding progress and memorable achievements of the early pioneers, immortalised through artefacts and remains of sites while recognising the political hi-jacking for brutal ends of a technology which had its darker uses.

As always, Spaceflight also brings you the latest data on satellite launches and related activity, on events aboard the International Space Station and on news items from around the world.


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Contents of the January 2016 issue:

Peake on countdown – to the ISS and beyond
As British astronaut Tim Peake gets ready for his ride into space, Spaceflight reviews the build-up to this mission and examines the possibilities that may unfold as a result of European contributions to NASA’s Orion programme.

Ready to go!
What happens when Tim Peake arrives at the International Space Station, where can I watch it, listen to it, follow it, and what are the broadcaster’s doing about special programming? We provide the directory to a media frenzy!

BIS Technical Projects
Robin Brand has been busy gathering the latest information about studies, research projects and practical experiments now underway at the BIS, the first in a periodic series of roundups.

Icarus Progress Report
First came Daedalus, now Icarus and Spaceflight catches up with progress in the last two years on concepts for a starship, one of the most exciting possibilities facing mankind.

Unseen challenges in a Mars colony
Konrad Szocik examines the psychological and social challenges facing humans in a Mars colony and looks at the kind of society that could develop in an autonomous settlement separated from Earth.

IAC 2015 at the Holy City
David Todd reports from Jerusalem on the atmosphere at the 66th International Astronautical Congress and reviews projects, programmes and future projects discussed.

Birthplace of the V-2
Alan Marlow and BIS members was with a tour group visiting several places where German rocketry began and matured in the 1930s, taking in the remains of production facilities in the Harz Mountains

Regular Features

Letter from the Editor

ISS Operations Summary – 1 to 31 October 2015

Briefing notes – news shorts from around the world

Satellite Digest – 516 October 2015

Obituary – George E Mueller (1918-2015)

Off the Shelf – Sacrament’s Moon Rockets – Breaking the Chains of Gravity

Correspondence – Setting the record straight – Life Force – A promise for the future?

Flashback – A regular feature looking back 50 years ago this month

Society News – The BIS at Autographica – Jim Lovell at Space Lectures – The Martian – A visit from NASA

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