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Spaceflight-Post-Cover-2016-10It’s birthday time for Spaceflight, 60 years old in October! From a bold start in 1956, a year before the dawn of the Space Age, the BIS recruited Patrick Moore as Editor of what is now the world’s longest running space magazine.

As current Editor, I am proud to bring that story to readers in this month’s special issue and look back as we ask the previous Editor, Clive Simpson, and one of the best friend’s the BIS ever had, award-winning artist David Hardy, to reflect on their own experiences with the magazine.

The story of Spaceflight is, well, the story of space flight! We have been there over the entire history of the Space Age, reporting, documenting, analysing and commenting on an extraordinary six decades of unbroken achievement beyond Earth’s protective envelope of life-sustaining atmosphere.

But Spaceflight is not primarily about looking back. Over the decades the magazine has brought to readers some of the most ambitious concepts for future space activity and we continue to do that today. In fact, I like to think that the way it began is the way we are charged today with the responsibility to readers anxious to get behind the headlines and the news-bites with a more measured and considered view of the space-faring world and its fraternity of scientists, engineers and enthusiasts.

Spaceflight began as a bold step before there even was a Space Age, conveying the proactive stance of the Society in looking forward beyond the immediate present. Other magazines which would emerge from the Space Age were reactive, responding only when the Space Age began. Which is why Spaceflight is the oldest dedicated space magazine and why it is still around. Not all of those which came after still are…

For this reason Spaceflight builds on a backlog of information with an unparalleled archive of history and space activity to keep readers right up to date with present events and presage the future – surely the very embodiment of the BIS, moving From Imagination to Reality. Enjoy the ride!


Controlling Exposure to Deadly Martian Microbes
People are dead set on going to Mars. Dr John Cain provides the last of his two articles examining the risks inherent in deep-space exploration with an examination of the possible dangers from working on the surface of the Red Planet. Can extremophiles from other worlds threaten human life – all of it?

Chris Starr attended the seventh Spacefest event this year at Tucson, Arizona, 9-12 June and reflects on a gathering of all the “greats” in the world of space together with astronauts, historians, artists and writers of science fact and science fiction.

Spaceflight at 60 Special!


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