Now in Space Chronicle!

Space-Chronicle-Post-2016-03New and stimulating, the latest issue of the BIS Space Chronicle, edited by John Becklake,  carries three important historical features which add light to a successful British rocket, explores the possibilities of a small satellite launcher and examines the fortunes of Israel’s reconnaissance satellite programme.

In “De Havilland Rocket Engines Part 1”, Andrew Chatwin digs deep into the archives and tracks the early development of the de Havilland Special Projects Group to show how the German research into rocket motors influenced the development of hydrogen peroxide motors in the 1940s and 1950s resulting in the Sprite.

“LittleLEO” by John Harlow focuses on a little publicised proposal of the late 1980s for a small satellite launcher based on existing rocket systems including Skylark and the Spacelark satellite launcher derivative. Another idea which got the close attention of the late and great Geoffrey Pardoe.

“Israel’s Reconnaissance Satellite Programme 2005-2016” is another seminal work from Philip Clark, who expands on a paper previously published in 2008 and brings up to date a survey and analysis of satellites in this category launched since 2005.


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