BIS Space Conference 2016 Videos

This summer saw the BIS Space Conference at Charterhouse with great speakers, provocative discussions, and a friendly and informal atmosphere. There were talks by:

  • BIS-Space-Conference-Videos-Lord-WillettsLord Willetts, reflecting on his time as Minister for Space
  • Pat Wood, CEO SSTL, on a panel along with Lord Willetts, Richard Varvill, Founding Director, Reaction Engines, Phil Davies (chair of the Space Group) and Rosalind Azouzi (Head of Skills and Careers), both from the Royal Aerospace Society
  • George Abbey, former head of the Johnson Spaceflight Center, spoke about the Apollo-Soyuz link up
  • Prof Fred Taylor on fifty years of exploring the planets
  • Alan Bond with a personal recollection of amateur rocketry in the UK
  • Skylon update by Richard Varvill
  • Interstellar Travel by Kelvin Long
  • Philae on Rosetta by Ian Wright
  • Beagle 2 by Jim Clemmet and Mark Sims
  • Kummersdorf by Mark Perman
  • Cosmonautics by Doug Millard
  • Design of Tourism spacecraft by Rick Newlands
  • Skylark…and more.

Videos of these talks are now available for members to watch in the members area.

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