Space Chronicle, Supp. 1, 2017

Space-Chronicle-Post-2017-01It is with regret that we open this edition of the Space Chronicle with sad news of the passing of engineer Oleg Sokolov who became the first Russian space worker to give a formal paper at the Forum in 2014. We dedicate this issue of Space Chronicle and the 2017 Russian/Sino event his memory.

The 2016 Forum was an outstanding success and enthusiastically supported by members and an audience of international guests including Helen Sharman and, for the first time at the Forum, three former Russian cosmonauts. The wide range of papers, over two days, reflected the huge interest in the Forum and the five papers in this issue reflect the theme of presentations on the Russian and Chinese programmes.

Bert Vis paper is an unusual account of a very special Russian crew emblem. This is followed by Brian Harvey’s review of searching for evidence of Russian landing craft on the Moon, Mars and Venus. Turning to the Chinese program Andrew Thomas presents a very different view on promoting the national programme at home and abroad. Continuing the Chinese theme a second paper from Brian Harvey updates the latest scientific findings from a range of Chinese missions and Phil Clark closes this issue with a topical review of the flight and accomplishments of Tiangong 1, Chinas first space station.

I wish to once again thank the authors for their contributions, both in preparing their presentations and in creating these articles, and to Ben Jones for his extraordinary efforts in preparing this issue of the Chronicle at a challenging time. Papers from this year’s forum, to be held over June 3 and 4 will appear in another special issue of Space Chronicle in early 2018.

Dave Shayler, FBIS
Guest Editor, Space Chronicle
Coordinator and co-Chair BIS Soviet/Chinese Technical Forum

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