Russian lunarnauts sought

Russia’s space corporation Roscosmos has declared an open contest for admission to a team of aspirants who will take part in the first space missions on board the Federatsiya spacecraft to the Moon, Roscosmos First Deputy CEO Aleksandr Ivanov said.

“The selection begins today and it will last till the end of the year. The results will be summarized at the end of December. A group of six to eight trainees is to be selected,” he said.

Roscosmos said the selected specialists will be the first to fly the new generation spacecraft Federatsiya. Also, they will be the first Russians to go to the Moon.

“The purpose is to select the best specialists who already have certain knacks of operating space or air technologies. They will be the first pilots of Russia’s future spacecraft Federatsiya. All will be trained under the International Space Program and will be the first Russians to fly to the Moon,” Roscosmos said.

The applicants will have to undergo several selection stages – testing for education and professional aptitude, medical examination, psychological qualities and physical fitness tests. Applications will be accepted from Russians no older than 35 years who have higher education in engineering, research or other flight specialties and a previous work record.

“Those with experience in the aircraft-building and space rocket industry of the Russian Federation will enjoy priority,” Roscosmos said.

Also, the candidates are expected to have a knack for studying space technologies, computer skills and fluent English. Applications will be accepted for just four months. The testing of candidates will begin afterwards.


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