Symposium on Space Elevators

Date: 7 November 2017
Start Time: 9.30 am
End Time: 5 pm

Venue: 27/29 South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall, London, SW8 1SZ

Sponsored by the BIS and the International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC)

BIS-Logo-Space-Elevators-SymposiumNews! ISEC President Dr Pete Swan confirmed as a speaker, via Skype.

The space elevator has captured the imagination of scientists and writers for decades. The transition to low-cost, low-energy access to space via a smooth, gentle ride on an elevator has been compared to the transition from the horse-drawn carriage to the railways. The necessary strong, light-weight material remains elusive, but progress has been made in a number of areas, particularly understanding the minimum requirements and a better grasp of the dynamics. A good summary is found in JBIS, 69, no.6-7, June-July 2016.

  • Introduction to Space Elevators
  • Feasibility Condition and Mars Elevator
  • Solar System Space Elevators
  • Galactic Harbour: “Half Way to Anywhere”
  • Progress with Graphene
  • CNTs and other Materials
  • Space Fountain and Applications
  • History and How it Leads to the Future
  • Recent Developments

Speakers include the ISEC President (Dr Pete Swan, FBIS) and the ISEC Director of Research (Dr John Knapman, FBIS).

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