Studies into UK National Microgravity Experiments Call for Proposals

UK-Space-AgencyThe UK Space Agency is making funding available for studies into possible UK led experiments that have the potential to be carried out and deliver high quality science on the International Space Station, in preparation for a potential second mission for Tim Peake.

This Announcement of Opportunity invites proposals for the £300K funding available, with individual projects limited to £125K. The UK Space Agency expects to fund three or four proposals.

The European Space Agency announced in December 2016 that they expect all of the astronauts that were selected in the 2009 class to be assigned a second mission. Based on current crew assignments and likely flight opportunities, Tim Peake may be assigned to a flight in the early 2020s.

The UK Space Agency would like to ensure that the UK microgravity and space environments community is properly placed to capitalise on the scientific opportunities that such a flight would offer, should funding for a national programme be available in the coming years.

The UK Space Agency anticipates that a national programme of experiments for a future Tim Peake mission, budget allowing, would be undertaken. The development of experimental hardware and the flight opportunities would be funded by the UK Space Agency but funding for scientific exploitation of the data would be expected to be found by the research team from other sources, such as RCUK/UKRI.

Should such a programme be run, the UK Space Agency would issue an open call for ideas to be funded.

Note: Success in this call does not guarantee selection in any future calls and neither does not applying to this call preclude an application to future calls for experiment development.

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