JBIS Vol 70 No 02-04

JBIS-Editorial-Cover-2017-02-04The February-April issue of JBIS has now been published and contains the following papers:

7th European Conference on Space Debris

Temporal Analysis of ENVISAT’s Rotational Motion
Svenja Sommer, J. Rosebrock, D. Cerutti-Maori et al.

Debris Attitude Motion Measurements and Modelling by Combining Different Observation Techniques
Jiří Šilha, T. Schildknecht, J.-N. Pittet et al.

Assessment of Post-Manoeuvre Observation Correlation Using Short-Arc Tracklets
J.A. Siminski, T. Flohrer and T. Schildknecht

Optical Measurements Association Using Optimized Boundary Value Initial Orbit Determination Coupled with Markov Clustering Algorithm
Carlos Yanez, Juan-Carlos Dolado, Pascal Richard et al.

Method of Predicting and Processing Breakups of Space Objects
Zach Slatton and Diana McKissock

GESTRA-Technology Aspects and Mode Design for Space Surveillance and Tracking
H. Wilden, C. Kirchner, O. Peters et al.

Information-Theoretic Approaches to Space Object Collision
K. DeMars and M. Gualdoni

Risk Induced by the Uncatalogued Space Debris Population in the Presence of Large Constellations
Bruno Revelin and Juan-Carlos Dolado-Perez

Sensitivity of the Space Debris Environment to Large Constellations and Small Satellites
H.G. Lewis, J. Radtke, A. Rossi et al.

Status of the Space Environment: Current Level of Adherence to the Space Debris Mitigation
Stefan Frey and Stijn Lemmens

Fast Re-Entry Deorbitation with Acceptable Risk Level
Elisabet Cid Borobia, Claire Frémeaux and Jean-François Goester

Architecture and First Achievements of a Simulation for the Approach of an Uncooperative Target
S. Peters, W. Eidel, R. Förstner et al.

E.Deorbit – ESA’s Active Debris Removal Mission
Robin Biesbroek, Luisa Innocenti, Andrew Wolahan et al.

Airbus DS Vision Based Navigation Solutions Tested on LIRIS Experiment Data
A. Masson, C. Haskamp, I. Ahrns et al.

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