Journey into Space at The Eden Project

This summer, get ready to boldly go where no visitor has gone before, when you Journey into Space at Eden. Explore our solar system and uncover the secrets of the universe – all in one epic day out in Cornwall.

There’s so much to see and do at Eden this summer, here’s what we have on offer:

Eden Astronaut Academy
Begin your intergalactic adventure at our Astronaut Academy, where you’ll find out if you’ve got what it takes to become an Eden astronaut. Defy gravity on the inflatable moon walk, and take on mind-bending space puzzles and challenges designed to test your astronaut skills to the limit.

Solar System Safari
Training complete, embark on a Solar System Safari, a stellar journey through space. Your senses will be reeling from the incredible sights and sounds as you explore the unique environments of each planet – including the eeriness of Mercury, the heat of the sun, and the fieriness of Venus – before returning to Earth, our beautiful planet that’s uniquely placed to support life.

Alien Encounter
Look out for some mysterious aliens who have crash-landed here at Eden. We’re working on a way to communicate with these mysterious life-forms – can you help us de-code their signals and language? How can you learn to communicate with them – and what would you say if you had the chance?

Virtual Reality Experience
Roll up, roll up to see the most immersive show in the universe. Let us whisk you off on a 13.8 billion-year adventure to help discover answers to the burning questions: What are we made of? Where did it all come from? Tickets for virtual reality film We Are Stars will be available to book on site throughout the summer for an additional charge, and age restrictions apply. See website for more details.

Get lost in a world of space-themed storytelling as you blast off on a madcap mission to the International Space Station, in a show full of laughs – and a little bit of science – The Great Cornish Take Off is a show for all ages!

Meet the Experts
Don’t miss your chance to meet experts and enthusiasts from institutions – including the European Space Agency and National Space Academy – for inspirational tales of space endeavours and exploration. Find out what it’s like to live as an astronaut, all about the mission to Mars, and whether alien life really exists. You’ll even get the chance to learn from Maddie Moate, children’s presenter of Cbeebies’ Do You Know?

Freaky Space Plants
Finally, find out about the crops we might want to grow in space in the future and be amazed by freaky plant displays as you venture into our Biomes and across site.

We’re open until 8pm Monday to Thursday, so you can choose to visit us for the whole day or just stop by on your way home from the beach.

We also offer pre-bookable relaxed sessions before opening hours for children with sensory and communication needs or learning disabilities who may benefit from a more informal experience. These are available on Friday and Sunday mornings, see website for details.

Journey into Space is included with Eden admission. For more information, please visit

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